150 Beautiful 3D Edible Wafer Red Roses

150 Stunning Edible Red Roses by Holly Cupcakes

These 3d fabulous edible wafer flowers are designed and made with love in the UK by Holly Cupcakes. Your cakes will really stand out with these unique and striking cake toppers- perfect for use on cupcakes or large cakes. The edible paper used for the decorations is sugar free, suitable for vegetarians and will last for 12-18 months in a dry cupboard.

Ingredients: maize starch, soybean lecithin (E-322). Colourings used: E-171 (white is used in all decorations), E-102 (green decorations), E-131 (blue decorations), E-110 (orange decorations), E-129 (red decorations), E-124 (pink decorations). Suitable for all the population, except soya allergics.